The Black Cultural Festival is a Black-centered space that empowers healing and the celebration of Black excellence.  “For us, by us.”


Founder and Event Producer



Talicia Brown-Crowell grew up in San Jose, California.  In 1992 Talicia came to Oregon to attend College in Portland and then moved to Eugene in 2000.  For 20 years Talicia has worked in public health, staffed rites-of-passage for Black folks in Memphis, practiced African spirituality with her teacher, Sobonfu Somé, and built her successful Black-owned business Harmony Massage in Eugene.

Talicia has a deep desire to create Black centered spaces.  After years of attending predominately white festivals, and then getting to experience Black-centered cultural spaces and Brown family reunions in Gurdon, Arkansas.  Talicia was inspired by the wisdom, safety and connection that she experienced by being in Black centered space. 

The question she continually asks herself is “What would a cultural festival look like today, in this place, that centers Black people, and is for us, by us.”  The Black Cultural Festival is her answer to that question. 


Production Team

Event Producer / Founder-Talicia Brown-Crowell

Creative Director- Treylon Day

Organizer & Volunteer Director- Shanae Joyce-Stringer

Administrative Support and Website Developer- Artemas Ori


Steering Committee

Kokayi Nosakhere–Black scholar

Lela Ross–HONEY nonprofit

Mark Harris–professor/elder/Black scholar

Dr. Lawrence Rasheed–LCC Faculty

Kevin Summerfield–Churchill HS & City of Eugene — Youth Zone

Ayisha Elliott–Black scholar; MC

Eric Richardson–President of NAACP

Joshua Stroud–fiscal advisor/ADOS

Maisie Davis–disabilities advocacy; Youth Zone

Kenya Luvert–Black scholar

Matrisha Armitage–bookkeeper; Executive Director of MEPAA, Grrrlz Rock, and KIDZ Rock

Dallas Boggs, Police Commissioner, Black Professionals of Eugene/Springfield

Jhonelle Lewis–Black Owned Businesses Coordinator

Dr. Silky Booker–President of Oregon Alliance of Black Businesses; MC